Baby V always kills festival style, no? See my thoughts on flower crowns below.  Image courtesy of Hollywood Wire.


It’s currently a crisp autumn day, and although I love a good pumpkin spice latte as much as the next girl, I can’t help but feel a bit wistful that summer really is over. Besides warm weather, tans, and patios, summer is my favourite season because it’s FESTIVAL SEASON.

If you’ve never attended a three day concert before, I have a couple of tricks that can help you:

  1. Be selective with the type of festival you want to attend. All festivals are not made equal. There are basically three types – city festivals, camping festivals, and EXTREME* camping festivals. If you’ve never been before, I recommend starting with a city festival. This way, you have somewhere comfortable to rest and recharge before taking on 8 hours of live music. However, I have to say that camping festivals are by far my favourite, because the experience is so much better! There’s less travel time (usually camp sites are a quick jaunt to the grounds), all of your friends can stay in the same area (#memories), it’s generally cheaper (most festivals include camping in the price of the ticket), and you can also low key brag that you survived. That being said, these definitely require some post festival recovery time – do you know how hard it is to get sleep in a tent when it’s 30 degrees at 6:30 AM in a tent?!
  2. Don’t bring Karen. It’s important to attend a festival with a group of people that you actually like. Everybody should have the same expectations for the weekend. You don’t want to miss something just because nobody will attend a set with you or because somebody had one too many vodka red bulls (looking at you, Karen).
  3. Flower crown not required. I’ll admit – half the fun of going to a festival is wearing something you wouldn’t wear in your daily life. However, there’s no need to look like Vanessa Hudgens circa 2013 Coachella. Comfort is key, people, and THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE GLADIATOR SANDALS!  My festival uniform is usually high-wasted shorts (skirts/dresses are a no-go, especially if you want to sit down), a cute t-shirt or crop top, Birkenstocks (no shame), and a small over the shoulder bag. Don’t let your outfit distract you from having a good time!
  4. Carb up. This is probably my top tip. I know I say that about all of my tips, but I’m being serious here. Bring a collapsible water bottle – I like this one – so that you can constantly refill it at a water station and fold it up when you’re not using it! I also ALWAYS have a couple of cliff bars kicking around. Although I normally don’t eat these (they’re basically a meal replacement at 300 calories each), they’re usually good enough to tide you over until your next meal. You don’t want to miss a set because you’re hungry!

And on that note, PACE yourself. Concerts are supposed to be fun, but they can be physically exhausting. Take it easy and enjoy the one season you’ve waited for all year.

*Extreme camping festivals, like Shambala, are usually “dry” festivals where you camp for at least a week straight and re-consider all of your life choices.

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