Music festivals, although more often than not overpopulated with girls in the exact same flower crown, are definitely a great time to throw caution to the wind and wear whatever  you want. However, as I mentioned in my last post, festivals are definitely a marathon, not a sprint, and my philosophy in regards to what I wear usually involves comfort.

Here is what I wore while I was celebrating not wearing office clothing this summer:


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Top: Brandy Melville (Similar) Distressed  Graphic Tee

Shorts: Urban Outfitters (Similar) Vintage Denim Shorts From Levis

Bag: Vintage Leather Satchel From Morocco. Similar Available From Matt & Natt

Accessories: Vintage Aviators. Similar Available From Urban Outfitters.

Why I ❤ This Outfit: This distressed t-shirt was casual. Tying it up as a crop-top was a real game changer, because it looked cute but not frumpy. It also kept me cool but covered my shoulders, so I wasn’t constantly applying sunscreen all day!



Swimsuit (Was I near a pool? Negative): Vintage, Similar Found From Urban Outffiters

Shorts: BDG High Waisted Cheeky Short In Black (Also from Urban)

Shoes: White (Or they used to be white) Chuck Taylor Converse From Foot Locker

Why I ❤ This Outfit: EDM concerts are definitely an excuse to get a little crazy with colour. I wear A LOT of black in my everyday life so this swimsuit is pretty funny to me. It has a low back, so again, I think I look cute but not frumpy. I guess that’s a theme.



Tank: 90’s Mink Pink Tank Top 

Hoodie: American Apparel 

Bag: Vintage, as mentioned above.

Shorts: Joe Fresh, About 10 Years Ago

Why I ❤ This Outfit: This massive tank top was SO comfortable, but it has huge arm-holes, so I was showing a bit of scandalous skin on the side. I also wore a sports bra & stretchy shorts underneath, which was important, given it was nearly 30 degrees that day.



Shorts: BDG High Waisted Cheeky Short In Black (Urban)

Swimsuit: Oops, wore one of those again. Guys, bodysuits/swimsuits are actually the best. This one is from American Eagle, but you can get them here too.

Bag: That vintage satchel again. This was like, $5. I’ve worn it at practically every concert I’ve attended here since moving. So sick.

Choker: Aldo.

Why I ❤ This Outfit: I searched high & low for a black body suit with a lil’ sideboob (hem) and an exposed back, and I found this one on sale for $10 (the American Apparel one I also linked it is like $60 CAD). It’s so gratifying when you find something you’ve been coveting for half the original price! I love the combo of high-waisted shorts with a bodysuit, because they (literally) suck & hold you in place all day.

*All of these images are taken from my personal Instagram account, where I make my friends take “casual” and “candid” outfit pictures of me.


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