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There’s honestly nothing worse than a music blog that simply regurgitates a press release. If I wanted to know what was being released, I would just click on Spotify’s “New Releases” playlist. When I’m at a music blog, I want to see a curated list of what the author is listening to! What are they loving at the moment? How did they find them? Here are the top blogs I follow when looking for new tunes:

  1. – Although I’m sure that he has people helping him out now, this blog began as a way for the author to share his newly discovered love for electronic music while he was in college. It now features a selection of uniquely curated tracks, from hip-hop, to pop, to electronic. They usually have some exclusive releases as well!
  2. Dancing Astronaut – This highly polished website is not only great for reading industry news, but also for it’s awesome built-in music player, which is populated by it’s readers! A great place to view trending tracks.
  3. Ear Milk – This blog is great for discovering new artists because they post about people you’ve never heard of before, but are definitely responsible for influencing the music you hear on the radio. FUN FACT: the creator is Canadian.

*Images courtesy of myself.




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