I saw a lot of concerts in 2016. This blog would not be titled Concert Confidential if I hadn’t! I think I have a pretty good idea on what makes a good show or setlist, so without further ado, here are my top 3 best & worst concerts of 2016:


Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 9.57.07 PM.png

My friend & I managed to score some of the elusive Kanye West merch. Image via my personal Instagram.
  1. Kanye West – The Life Of Pablo Tour. You really do not think that Kanye has that many hits until you sat through a 2 hour Kanye concert. Hit after hit after hit was performed, and I do not think that there was a quiet seat in the entire ACC – everybody was screaming, dancing, and singing the entire time! He just had SO much energy.
  2. Rufus Du Sol – Osheaga 2016. This set, although performed at the electronic stage, was unique because there was an actual band/instruments/ a singer present. These guys sounded exactly like they do on their tracks and even managed to do a couple of different mash-ups. I would probably describe their sound as “smooth”. 
  3. Kaytranada – Osheaga 2016 After Party. I feel SO lucky to have scored tickets to this, because it was a PACKED venue, given that Kaytranada is from Montreal (where Osheaga is held). This guy just knew what he was doing! He managed to play almost every single track from his own album and mixed in some classic dancehall tunes as well. His crowd interaction was also on point!


Ellie Goulding. Because she’s Ellie, and she has the voice of an angel. She’s only an honourable mention because her show was held at the ACC, and was very much a “stadium” tour – little to almost no crowd interaction. I saw her a few years ago at the Kool House and had a much better experience overall.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.11.44 PM.png

Ellie Goulding does the ACC in June 2016. Image courtesy of my personal Instagram.

THE LOSERS  (I’m going to be brief here because I am trying not to be a negative Nancy!)

  1. Snakehips @ The Danforth Music Hall – pretty sure these guys just pressed play on their iTunes and raised their hands (the DJ dance) the entire time.
  2. Kygo @ The Direct Energy Centre – I actually didn’t think Kygo was that bad live, and he had a pretty cool live show, with guest singers and fireworks. BUT the Direct Energy Centre has to hands down be the worst live music venue in the city! Not only does it feel like a giant gymnasium, but it’s always very disorganized. Don’t expect to leave with your checked coat at the end of the night, because I guarantee it was probably stolen…
  3. Tourist @ – I fell in love with Tourist’s album this summer and was super pumped to see him live, because I missed him at WayHome. But his set was just meh. Another classic case of A+ producer, F- DJ.

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